Heartworm & Flea/Tick Products

We want to keep your pets safe from diseases spread by mosquitoes, fleas & ticks, as well as intestinal parasites. Using Heartgard (heartworm and intestinal parasites) year round as well as Frontline Gold (Flea & Tick topical) or Nexgard (Flea & Tick Oral) for at least 10 months out of the year is what we are recommending. All 3 of these products are made by the company Boehringer Ingelheim.

We have some coupons in our office that you take advantage of when you purchase these products from us.
The biggest coupon is $50.00 this is if you purchase a year supply of Heartgard along with a year supply of either the Frontline Gold or the Nexgard.

$12.00 is the final dollar value coupon we offer. This is if you purchase a year supply of Heartgard with out any purchase of Frontline Gold or Nexgard.

If you purchase only Frontline Gold or Nexgard the coupon we have is buy a package of 3 and get 1 free, buy a package of 6 and get 2 free.

Never used Flea & Tick products??? There are several benefits as to why use them. Call us with questions and ask how you can get a free sample of Nexgard.

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