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Move to new side of building

We are excited to announce that Phase 1 of construction will be completed in early March. We will start seeing patients on that side of the clinic the week of March 4th. Monday, March 4th will be a moving day. If you have a scheduled appointment on March 4th you will enter the clinic through our normal front doors. We will have reduced appointments on that day. We will be exclusively in Phase 1 from March through June while the remainder of the clinic undergoes a full renovation.

Here are some changes that will occur from March to June:

• We will be implementing curbside for all appointments and medication or food pick-up. Please call from the parking lot to check in and we will call when a room is ready for you to enter.

• You will enter through a new front entrance into a small makeshift reception area and a staff member will meet you to usher you into an exam room

• Our surgical appointments will be limited for those 3 months. We will still be able to do surgery but have a limited number of cages and recovery areas. Surgical drop-off and pick-up will also be curbside.

• If you purchase food from the clinic, please plan as we will be carrying a reduced volume of food due to lack of storage. You can also visit our online pharmacy and order your food from our online store

Payment Information

We accept cash, check (NOT ON FIRST TIME VISIT), all major credit cards: American Express, Discover, Master Card, & Visa.

We also accept Care Credit: this is a line of credit thru Care Credit. You can apply and use as a payment which offers financing with interest free payment options as long as the bill is a minimum of $200. If you pay off the bill on time and make the payments as scheduled there is no interest. If less then $200 you can still apply just not have interest free option.

To apply now click the green box below:


Do you have a card but someone else will be bringing your pet to the vet? We can call you with the bill total and you can pay using care credit directly online. We will get e-mailed when you pay so we have a copy for our records. To do this click the blueish greenish box below:

You can use the line of credit for payment the same day you apply. Ask our staff or view Care Credit website for more information.