Visiting us soon at Spring Hill Vet Clinic? If so, we look forward to seeing you. But be sure to leave a little extra time to get here, as the area around the Huntley Road/Route 31 intersection is under construction.  
    You NO LONGER can turn LEFT into or out of our lot. If you are coming North on route 31, you will need to pass us and turn around then make a right hand turn while heading south.
Since they are working right in front of our building they may have our driveway blocked. If this is the case, please use the driveway just south of us which is an empty lot. We own that lot also and you can park there and call to check in or walk over the pink bricks in the grass if you are coming into the building. The construction workers tell us that either our main driveway or the one next to us will be open at all times. Please use caution when coming in and watch out for the construction trucks.
We’ll keep you updated throughout the construction about access to the Clinic, but rest assured, the Clinic is and will remain open for business throughout the construction process.
Thanks for your understanding. See you soon!