Dental Month Promotion

Do you notice your pet has bad breath, excessive drooling, or is pawing at the mouth more? Do your pets’ teeth look discolored with plaque or tarter stuck on them? Plaque is the yellow, gummy substance that sticks to teeth; it eventually hardens to become dental tartar. Daily tooth brushing helps to remove plaque, but once tartar forms, it can be removed only by professional dental cleaning. These might be signs that your pet is in need for a dental cleaning!! Some other things that might be signs are: redness, bleeding, and inflammation of the gums. Check out this video for more info on pet dentals and care for your pets’ teeth.

Call us now to set up your appointment for September. If the appointment is done in September, you can get 20% off all dental related services. Bring more than one pet on the same day and receive 30% discount. If you get the September appointment booked before end of business on August 31, there will be an additional $5.00 discount for early booking.

Having us professionally clean your pets’ teeth is done in a very similar way that your dentist would clean your teeth. If you take good care of your pet’s mouth you can help prevent oral infections spreading to other parts of the body.